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This template made by Akira Himesama. Inspired by her, he and this. Materials got from Google, Tumblr, We♥it. Gif pictures made by her. Tell me if I used your materials but i didn't mention here :)

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30.10.11 ✖ 10:50 PM ✖ 0 comments


 L O V E


we think about it,
sing about it

dream about it, 
and lose sleep worrying about it

when we dont have it,
we search for it

when we discover it, 
we dont know what to do with it

when we have it,
we fear losing it

LOVE is a short word,
easy to spell,hardto define,
and impossible to live without it.

xoxo, aiza narzeri


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Amaran keras dari Aiza Narzeri :

1. Jangan mencarut.
2. Jangan cari gaduh.
3. Dilarang mengedik di sini.
4. Senyum sebelum komen.

Semua arahan di atas perlu di patuhi ketika sesi komen mengkomen.